Sunday, December 16, 2012


Lists are one of my favorite things. I love the satisfaction of crossing an item off after it has been completed. Yes, I even will add things to my lists after I've done it JUST so I can cross it off. I'm that girl.

I absolutely *love* having a clean house, but I am not so in love with cleaning. I am constantly telling my husband how much easier it would be if we would just maintain the clean house instead of trashing it and having to start over each week. I also loathe Saturday morning cleaning days... they are just the worst.

I've tried scheduling different tasks for each day to help maintain, but I'm lazy and never follow through. This is a serious problem considering my household consists of two adults and one dog. What on earth will happen if children get thrown into the mix?

I happened to be on Pinterest the other day (imagine that!) and found this Housekeeping Post from Amy over at My3Monsters. I was inspired by it, but wanted to create one of my own. She splits her days by focusing on different rooms or areas of her house each day. What a great idea! Mine is very similar, but it is split up by the chore itself. It's easier for me to focus that way.

I am also going to laminate mine and throw it on the fridge so I can cross off the tasks as I do them. I think the key is to find what motivates *you* individually. For me, it's crossing tasks off my list and seeing that I actually did it. A cute paisley header might help too!

I designed mine to be 4x6, but you could make one any size. I haven't actually used this yet, but I will let you know if this helps at all. I'm going to do a thorough deep clean, and then see if I can handle this list. It really shouldn't be bad, I tried to keep all of the tasks under 30 minutes a day. Please keep in mind this list is not comprehensive. I didn't put laundry or dishes on there since I don't typically have a problem getting that done. Also, there may be some other tasks that you find more important in your house.

I decided to go one step further and create a "Monthly Reminders" list for our house for all of those boring tasks like washing the windows and cleaning out closets. We have a tendency to "forget" the last time we flipped our mattress or cleaned the blinds, so hopefully this will help. I'm also hoping it will help us spread these tasks out over the whole year, instead of tackling them all during Spring Cleaning. I'm sure I'll add more stuff to it, but these are the basics I came up with for now:

I tend to spend a lot more time *thinking* of all the ways I can keep up with housework better instead of actually doing it, so we will see if this helps at all :)

I have some blank templates below in case you'd like to try this system as well. Just click on the image to enlarge it, right click, and "save image as." Please let me know in the comments if used it and how it worked for you!

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. This is an awesome idea! It could be really good for my apartment/house next year! That way my roommates and I can split up the work. I am like you and LOVE lists! Thanks! I am definitely going to give this a try.