Sunday, December 23, 2012

Backyard Project

Damon and I have been in this house for almost 10 months now, and we are finally doing a little back yard makeover. We are *so* thrilled that this is happening! Our yard is pretty big (and Dozer loves it!) but our concrete patio was so tiny.
We are extending our back patio and also adding a fire pit! We've always had a fire pit and we love them so much. I can't wait until next week when we will be able to use it. Next on the agenda will be to create some kind of shade over a portion of it and then some landscaping. Our hope is to spend a lot more time outside in the evenings, and I think this will help.

Before / During:


We also got our shed this week! One thing we've had to adjust to since moving to Texas is the fact that basements don't really exist here. We've really utilized our attic space, but our garage is over-flowing. We've been waiting and waiting to be able to get this shed. Damon can't wait to reconfigure the garage and move stuff to the shed.

It is amazing what kinds of things get you excited as you get older... we are hoping to have our first fire for Christmas! Hope everyone has a happy and blessed Christmas!

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