Thursday, June 28, 2012


Normally when Damon texts (or in this case tweets) something about having a surprise for me or trying to win the husband of the day award... I can expect that he is bringing me home ice cream or a cookie.. not today. No, no.. today was much better - he bought me a new camera :)

I've been eying this camera for a little while, and apparently my husband knows I would never actually buy it, so he bought it for me :) :) :) I am such a happy girl right now! Since Dozer was my only willing subject, you will have to suffer through even more pictures of my dog (cue the groaning). They aren't the best since the sun was starting to go down and Dozer was running around like crazy, but I'm still excited!

Can't wait to get our and test it some more this weekend. Stay cool everybody. xoxo

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