Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pomp & Circumstance

I am having a very hard time believing that my baby brother has graduated from high school. There is no way that I am old enough for this to have happened! Although I don't believe it, it is still true! Two weeks ago he officially became a high school graduate!

Even though we missed his actual graduation ceremony (sorry G), we were able to make the trip back to Indiana for the fun stuff, ie, graduation party! Since Gerrit loves computers (nerd alert!) and is going to be studying them in college, my mom decided to throw a computer themed party. We had burgers, beans, taco salad, cake and cupcakes of course. Overall it was a great day where Damon and I got to see a ton of family and celebrate Gerrit (and Lindsey's) graduation.

Congratulations you two, we are so proud of you! xoxo

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