Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet Dozer

Dozer is our insanely crazy English bulldog puppy, and I don't even think crazy does him justice.

Unless you have actually met him, he is a little hard to explain.  Ever since I met my husband, he has wanted a bulldog that he could name Dozer. For the longest time I told him that it would be best to wait until after we got married to get a dog...I thought I was in the clear. Not so much. 

Shortly after we got married, emails started arriving in my inbox at work with links to bulldogs for sale in the area and tips for training them. I wondered how much longer I could actually put this off. It's not that I didn't want to get a dog, okay, that is exactly what it was. Our schedules and lives were just so hectic, I couldn't imagine throwing another responsibility in to the mix. I have dealt with puppies before, and I knew how much work they were.  I just didn't want to deal with it.  I obviously lost this battle.  In early October [a little over one month after our wedding] we became the proud owners of a 8lb very sleepy English bulldog.

Most of our friends and families would say that we are obsessed with him, and they are right, because we are.  But what do you expect? He's our little baby.  But maybe the picture messages and videos we send everyone are slightly excessive...[My sister-in-law has already vowed to turn her phone off when we have kids]

Some think he is cute, some think he is ugly, we just think he is perfect, and you might too! [if you can get passed the farting, burping, drooling and snoring that is] So here are some of my favorite shots of Dozer from when we first got him until now.  He is currently just over 5 months old.  Enjoy!

First day home with Dozer:
First family photo

A little bit older here:
Photo taken by Jason Littrell
Getting even older:

Do I have to go?
Father & Son
A walk in the park!
Too big for his cousin's (a yorkie) bed...
His usual expression when we want him to get out of bed
One of my all time favorite pictures of Doz

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  1. Awesome job Laura....I will bookmark this & look forward to reading more! I love Dozer! :)