Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Who doesn't love central Indiana's weather?  Last night most of Indianapolis got blasted with a severe ice storm. Just take a look at the radar from this seems a little ridiculous. The roads were so bad that my work was even closed for the day!

Since there was not much to do, I bundled up to head out to our garage to attempt to spread some salt on our sidewalks and stairs. I stepped outside and instantly realized the eeriness that surrounded me.  No noises.  No one to be seen anywhere.  As soon as I looked around, I saw the ice that completely covered everything outside.  From the power lines, to tree branches, to the gutters to the chain link fence.  I had entered an icy wonderland. I immediately pushed salting the sidewalks to the back-burner [which I regretted later] and decided to grab my camera. 

This time I ventured out into the yard to take some pictures. I definitely slipped and fell while shooting, but thankfully the camera survived!  If we get more ice tonight, I might try some comparison photos tomorrow.

If anyone has to go out in this tonight or tomorrow, please be careful!  It is certainly a mess.

Tree in the backyard
Iced over bush in the landscaping
Grass from the front yard
Almost looks like the grass is inside of glass
Icicles hanging from the walkway light
Branches from the tree in the front yard
Tree in the backyard
Picnic table
View from underneath the picnic table
Chain link fence is coated

Awning over the window
Remnants from the garden
Flag has iced itself together
Flag is iced to the pole

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