Monday, August 22, 2011

Dozer turns [one]

Time sure flies when you're having fun... isn't that what they say? Either way, time goes on, and it has been a whole YEAR since our precious little puppy was born. Dozer has really been our pride and joy over the last year, and I don't know what we'd do without him. He's chewed up shoes, pillows, and even our couch, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when you come home to his excited-self. I love this dog and Damon & I wanted to make sure he got the best birthday possible. Since his birthday fell during the week (August 23) we decided to celebrate over the weekend.

We know that bulldogs aren't really known for swimming -- but we thought we would take him anyways :) We went to Barton Springs to let him play in the water, and it was hilarious. He loved the water, but cannot swim at all. We'll get him a life jacket for our next trip! click the link below the first picture to check out more pictures....

Father & Son -- going swimming!

Dozer also loves ice cream, so after he was done swimming -- we made a pit stop by McDonalds to get him some soft serve... his favorite! After ice cream we went home where he got two new toys. Then he slept. For the rest of the day :)

Ice Cream Residue!

Here is a comparison of Dozer on the day we got him (about 6 weeks old) to now... 1 year later! I cannot believe how much he has changed, but he'll always be our "goober."

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