Sunday, February 26, 2012

That's What I Love About Sunday...

Today was definitely one of those days for us. It was a beautiful Sunday, blue skies, mid 60s and lots of sunshine. We are supposed to be moving into our new house next week (yay!) so Damon and I thought we would take our last weekend with no obligations to do something relaxing. We decided to take a hike through the Wild Basin Wildlife Preserve.

Considering this severe drought -- there weren't too many things to take pictures of, but we worked with what we had!

Beautiful pieces of driftwood all over the place...

Damon spotted this piece of wood being used for stairs -- check out the crazy design in it.

Good thing there were signs, because we totally missed the maps on the way in

After our refreshing hike, we decided to take a drive out in the country and stumbled upon these lovely cows. When I tried to get closer, they started running away, who knew they were so scared!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day as well :)

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