Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pecan Street Festival

This week my mom and my aunt came to visit us in the great state of Texas! The weather was mild "in the 90s" and we had a good time. They planned their trip perfectly because we were able to visit the Pecan Street Festival this weekend. I had never heard of it or been before, but it is a festival that takes place downtown and features lots of vendors, food & great music. There is also, of course never a shortage of interesting things to look at!
Fried gator anyone?
lots of arts & crafts vendors

this little boy was so cute!! a clown was making him a balloon animal-he was so excited!
trailer covered in ash trays donated by those who have quit smoking
 not sure what was under his "cape," but I didn't stick around to find out....

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  1. nice job on the photos and thanks for the guided tour of eateries!! xoxox aunt debi ":)